Bell Hill Farm

Bell Hill Farm

Pause for a moment among the century-old oaks and lush, rolling hills of the Cienega Valley...blowing along with the coastal breeze, you will hear the faint chimes of Bell Hill. Family owned and operated since 1988.

Bell Hill Farm is a small Alpine goat dairy located in the Central Coast region of California. We’re surrounded by rolling hills of oak woodlands and local area vineyards; a quiet, peaceful setting ten miles from the nearest town. Our milkers all wear Swiss bells and keep the hillside alive with the sound of their music as they graze in the pastures.

It all began when we bought goats to clear poison oak from the property over 20 years ago. It has been an amazing journey and we’ve learned so much over the years and we are grateful for your support along the way.

Our dairy goats provide milk which we use in many creative ways including making kefir, hard & soft cheeses, as well as soap, lotion & laundry soap. We maintain a vegetable garden, raise ducks & chickens for meat & eggs plus a few lambs for the freezer. We are on a path towards organic eating, holistic management, and sustainable farming practices and are passionate about sharing our knowledge with the next generation. Join us for a workshop and learn to weave a rug or make cheese or plan a farm visit.

—Janet Locey